Work Injury Treatment

Work injuries are very common in the Sandy Springs area. Our city hosts a diverse workforce, including a wide variety of office work, craftsmanship, government utilities and other services. Regardless of the type of work they do, there’s one thing all Sandy Springs residents have in common; there’s always the potential for injury. If you’re suffering from a work injury, don’t give up hope! We’ve helped countless patients recover from even severe workplace injuries and we can help you too.

Sandy Springs Work Injuries Come in Many Varieties

When most people think of work injuries, they’re likely thinking of something big and sudden. You may be surprised to learn, however, that that’s typically not the case. It’s not always a crash and boom that results in a work injury. In fact, the vast majority of work injuries in the Sandy Springs area are caused by repetitive, unergonomic motion. These are called ‘repetitive stress injuries and can range from mild cramping or soreness to serious degradation of the joints and muscles. When small tasks are done with poor posture repeatedly over time, they can have a significant effect.

Other common work injuries come from improper lifting techniques, long hours of standing improperly, sitting for long periods or typing without ergonomic support. These activities, when left uncorrected, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and lower back pain, just to name a few.

Of course, the big work injuries aren’t exactly rare in Sandy Springs, either. Mostly common in construction work or other manual labor jobs, blunt force trauma usually comes to mind when discussing work injuries for a reason. Either falling off of something or something falling onto you, these kinds of work injuries can cause severe pain and discomfort, even making it impossible to do your job efficiently.

The most common causes of work injury:

  • Improper Lifting Techniques
  • Repetitive Motion and Strain
  • Long Hours of Standing Improperly
  • Sitting for Long Periods
  • Typing Without Ergonomic Support
  • Blunt Force Trauma

How We Can Treat your Work Injury

You don’t have to let your work injury rob you of comfort or ability. Most work injuries are a result of misaligned joints, bad posture, or lack of ergonomic support and can be fixed with proper adjustments. Chiropractic care can help with the big work injuries too.

When we experience either a traumatic work injury or just repetitive strain, our bone structure can be pushed out of alignment and our muscles may not be able to fix it. At that point, the bones need to be manually realigned by a trained Chiropractor.

At Georgia Injury Network, we aim to blend the skills and experience we’ve acquired from both our formal education and years of serving the Sandy Springs community.
Dr. Dierdorff has been a certified, accredited Chiropractor for over 13 years and has gained extensive experience in treating a wide range of serious injuries. We’ve focused our practice on treating injuries resulting from all manner of personal, automobile or work-related accidents, slips and falls, and other accidental injuries.

We have experience working with worker’s compensation cases and other forms of employee insurance and can guide you through the whole process. Our patient support is second to none, and the care we provide is safe, effective, and backed by science.

You can recover from your work injury. Let our trained professionals guide you back to health and comfort so you can get back to living the life you deserve. Schedule an appointment today.

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